Ukraine Conflict: What We Know About the Invasion

Ukraine Conflict: What We Know About the Invasion

Russia has recently launched a war in Ukraine that’s been described as “The worst military invasion in Europe.” Thanks to President Putin’s order, Russia spent several weeks creating a sizeable military force along Ukraine’s border. Eventually, the invasion is now on full-scale, marking the beginning of a significant expansion in the nation’s east that has already led to the loss of thousands of lives. 

The Genesis

Ukraine Conflict: What We Know About the Invasion

The invasion stems from a treaty made decades ago between the two countries. In the late 1700s, Ukraine fought for independence but lost and was forced to join the Soviet Union. However, it was always a separate entity from the beginning, and its people even spoke their language. During the 1930s, Ukrainian farmland was seized, leading to a famine that killed about four million people xnxx

When the Soviet Union crashed in 1991, Ukraine declared its independence. By this time, a large portion of the Soviet nuclear power was within Ukraine’s borders, and it agreed to give up its weapons to Russia. Ukraine’s democratically elected government has formed ties with Western Europe recently. This angered Putin and threatened his desire to reinstate the Russian empire. 


This Is Not the First Time

In 2014, Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine, which Putin described as an assault spiked by ethnic Russians residing in Ukraine’s eastern region. However, Putin used this invasion to claim part of Ukraine for Russia. He annexed the Crimean Peninsula, a decision not supported by the international community. 


What’s Putin’s End Goal?

The strongman leader believes that the ethnic ties between Ukraine and Russia would be weakened by Ukraine joining NATO. He was unhappy with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and is determined to restore the nation’s greatness. Since Putin took over the country in 2000, his sole mission was to make Russia great and restore its influence. He believes that no other leader will be willing to take such a risk, so the clock is ticking. 

Is Ukraine Part of NATO?

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Ukraine is not a NATO member. Although it has stated its quest to join the alliance, there haven’t been any discussions about its admission. Many Ukrainians, especially those in the country’s east, are pro-Russian, but they ousted their final pro-Russian president in 2014. After that, they have continued to lean towards the leadership of pro-Western politicians. 

Ukrainians seem to desire to join NATO, according to UN Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya. The number of Ukrainians who are pro-NATO has increased steadily since 2014, and today, over 50 percent are for the idea. They have realized that trying to protect their nation on their own is questionable from a military perspective but is also an expensive affair. 

Is the War a Problem for America?

Since Ukraine is not a NATO member, the US and many European countries are against the idea of sending troops into Ukraine to help protect its territory. Instead, they have offered diplomatic support, cash and military hardware. The US doesn’t benefit much from Ukraine as a trading partner, nor does its instability pose a direct threat to the US. 

Some of the world’s robust democracies have struggled for decades to keep Putin’s actions in check. As Putin hopes to strengthen ties with China, the US needs to return the apparent effort to bring a rife between NATO members.