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New Sources of Cohesion

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Making the most out of TTIP. Opportunities and challenges in boosting the transatlantic market

 Social Cohesion in Europe -  expectations and reality

 10 March 2014

Big and open data in Europe: A growth engine or a missed opportunity?

 Presentation of the report  "Central Europe fit for the future"



All hands on deck for more growth and jobs

The negotiations between the EU and the US for a Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) might indeed be called a "largest ever economic bargain", as Mr Paweł Świeboda of demosEUROPA suggests in his comment piece.  The existing trade relationship between the EU and the US is already the biggest in the world, with more than €1.8bn of goods and services traded every single day.  Both sides stand to gain billions of euros as the transatlantic economy gets a shot in the arm designed to drop tariffs, liberate traders big and small and entrepreneurs from unnecessary red tape, and agree 21st century rules on key trade issues such as energy and raw materials.  In a global economy only just starting to emerge from crisis, this can only be positive news. Read more...

Europe as a transformative project

Paweł Świeboda

All hands on deck for the transatlantic market

The geopolitical context for negotiations on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has changed beyond recognition. But the idea still needs to gain traction with US and EU citizens. One year after launching this largest ever economic bargain, progress is slow. It is not the substance of the talks which is at issue but the question of legitimacy. The negotiators embarked on TTIP talks pretty much as they always would -  the two sides have kept their cards close to their chest. The EU has until today not made public its initial negotiating position, much to the frustration of numerous interest groups and observers involved. The intention was to rush to the conclusions and present the package on a take-it-or-leave it basis. It is in that spirit that Michael Froman, the US Trade Representative, spoke about doing TTIP on a single tank of gas. It was thought that given substantial gains from additional trade and investment, in a period of meagre economic growth, the public would have no choice but to cheer. Read more...

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